Adele Pisses off Musical Royalty

No, YOU missed five days of blogging for NaBloPoMo!Ermahgawd. Sorry, people.Anyhow, I wrote something that got published on The Broad Side, so I thought my blog post would simply consist of begging you to  click the link to get you over to that piece and read it. So, there ya go.HERE IS THE LINK! PLEASE CLICK HERE! IT TAKES YOU TO AN AWESOME THING I WROTE ABOUT ADELE AND BOB GELDOF AND I EVEN THREW IN A LITTLE PHIL COLLINS!!! CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK!!!Also, here is a cool picture of … [Read more...]

Jesus Goes to the Dentist.

Sometimes parents avoid their children's questions. There are myriad reasons for this phenomenon...fatigue, discomfort, lack of maturity on the part of the child, lack of maturity on the part of the parent, and on and on.My parents rarely, RARELY did this. Even my father answered questions about sex (which made me want to puke - and him, too, probably, but he did a good job covering it up if it did.) I'll never forget one of our trips in the car.  It was on a Friday night, if memory serves, … [Read more...]

An Apology to Street Harrassers

Dear Gentlemen,Please accept my apologies for overreacting to your innocent attempts to "be friendly" and to your kind "encouragement" regarding my looks.I respect your goals of introducing love and improving my self-esteem in, what is too often, a cold, hard-hearted world. Why can't more men be like you?I've been watching you, and I was so pleased and impressed to notice that you direct your remarks to old men, women in wheelchairs, police officers, and toddlers who pass you by, so c … [Read more...]

NotApologies 101

  Teacher: Good evening, Class! Last week we learned about the anatomy of an apology. It's sincere, it accepts responsibility and accountability, it doesn't contain any "buts" and it sometimes even outlines steps the apologizer might take to truly remedy a problematic situation.Tonight's objective is to master the tricky task of NotApologizing!Student: Ugh. When are we even gonna USE a NotApology?Teacher: You'd be surprised at how frequently NotApologies are … [Read more...]

Vote of No Confidence

 I tend to walk out of the voting booth (or desk, now, as it were...) feeling like I should have done more research going in. I watched not one gubernatorial debate, and I am ashamed. Still, there was no question for whom I would vote.As for the other offices, do I really know if the person running unopposed for Register of Wills is the right person for the job? What DOES the Clerk of Courts do, anyhow? When the ballot tells me to select four judges and only four are running, is … [Read more...]

Dreams of My Grandfather

This is the third post in an interfaith series on remembrance of ancestors. I've partnered with Yvonne Aburrow, a Wiccan who writes for Sermons from the Mound, to explore remembrance traditions in each of our faiths.I can think of at least three important dreamers in the Old Testament: Joseph, Pharaoh and Tevye. (HAHAHA - KIDDING!  I may not know how to bake challah, but I know Tevye wasn't in the Bible...)In exploring the remembrance of my grandfather in the context of my religion (Ju … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism – To Ignore or Not To Ignore

When Joan Rivers died a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends wrote a tribute to her on her blog. Up popped an anti-semite in the comments. Still shocking, but no longer surprising. Anyhow, the question of how to react was the topic of some discussion among us friends, and sparked further questions worth exploration. I wrote about what we decided, and when, in general, it's time to start worrying about assholes like that instead of ignoring them.I hope you'll head over to The Broad Side to … [Read more...]

Is MSNBC Guilty of Tragedy Porn?

  A friend posed the following question on Facebook. I was the first one to answer, and I said I appreciated it. Others answered - many answered - with the opposite reaction, calling it tragedy porn, "gorification," fear-mongering, and cruel. While I completely understand those feelings, for my part, I must respectfully disagree. I always do SOMETHING on 9/11. From the minute I wake up, it's in my head, and I spend a good amount of emotional energy remembering.  In fact, in two of the years si … [Read more...]

Color Me…Something

First, I saw this video posted on Facebook. I tried really hard to enjoy it. I DID enjoy it. What's not to love? Teachers, principals, students, getting together to make a hilarious and corny video about going back to school! Everybody was making fun of themselves and completely losing themselves in the geeked-out way that makes it impossible not to love them. Teenagers reading books - actual BOOKS, high school football players … [Read more...]

Sweet Baby Jesus Frog

So I took the youngest school supply shopping, and afterwards we went to Sweet Frog. My head was down, as I was thinking hard about whether I should put more chocolate sprinkles on my frozen yogurt. (Answer: Of COURSE I should...) I look up to see a sweet teenaged girl chirping at me from behind the counter, ready to ring up my order.I tried really hard not to stare at her torso.  Really hard. But I was trying to make sure her shirt said what I thought it said. It was a Sweet Frog shirt - … [Read more...]