Remembering Grandpa

The most recent time I visited my sister, we were sitting in chairs in front of her house, eyes closed, faces turned up to the sun while her kids played. One of us said that it reminded us of visiting our grandparents in Florida when all we did was lie in the sun. I said, "All we need is Grandpa. He'd be sitting next to us and our eyes would be closed and the only sound would be the sound of him turning the pages of the newspaper." She said, with what may have been equal parts annoyance and … [Read more...]

A New Home for The Worthington Post

Dear amazing readers and friends,The Worthington Post is moving to a bigger house!Here's the deal - For four years I've been nurturing this writing thing, and 2+ years ago it turned into this blog here on  It allowed me to write what I want, when I wanted, cost me $0, and kept it simple.  That last part is huge for me, I might add.  I never got into the notion of moving it over to, which would allow me to have ads and other monetary transactions (like, if I ev … [Read more...]

Briefcases and Banter: An Article That Will NEVER Appear in the ‘New York Times’

A gender re-imagined parody on the New York Times laughable article, "Purse Politics":WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), was sitting in his large, sunny office recently, riffling through the contents of his black leather briefcase.  After several moments, he laughed and produced a neon-pink earplug.“Here’s an earplug from the helicopter,” he said, still searching through the briefcase he had bought from the Coach store in Tyson’s Corner, VA. “That is not a normal thing that a ma … [Read more...]

I’m at The Broad Side Today! (4/19/13)

In "Isn't Dove Supposed to be a Sign for Peace?" I add my voice to the conversation and controversy surrounding the Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" ad campaign.Check it out, and feel free to comment on the site!xoxo,Aliza  … [Read more...]

Fun With Words Friday!

My friend, Estelle, of Musings on Motherhood and Midlife, is starting a weekly feature on her blog called "Fun With Words Friday."  She gives us a topic (this week, it's women and politics, in honor of the debates) and challenges us to write a short poem or limerick on that topic.  You know me.  I can't say no to a challenge!  So, here are my entries - enjoy!A Limerick:There once was a rich man from BainWho felt he had no need to ‘splainWhy his payroll wasn’t swimmin’With binders of … [Read more...]