Is MSNBC Guilty of Tragedy Porn?

  A friend posed the following question on Facebook. I was the first one to answer, and I said I appreciated it. Others answered - many answered - with the opposite reaction, calling it tragedy porn, "gorification," fear-mongering, and cruel. While I completely understand those feelings, for my part, I must respectfully disagree. I always do SOMETHING on 9/11. From the minute I wake up, it's in my head, and I spend a good amount of emotional energy remembering.  In fact, in two of the years si … [Read more...]

Modern Race Relations 101: A Primer for White People

Well before the Trayvon Martin verdict, I had seen, heard and read about white people dismissing the racial context of the case.  Some do this artfully and skillfully; others, not so much.  I've been wanting to explore some of these maneuvers more closely for a while now. … [Read more...]