Rose-colored Glass, Part 4 – Rose-colored Again

As a kid/young teen, I had three pipe dreams.1.  To be a catcher on the NY Mets.2.  To be a professional ballet dancer.3.  To be a glassblower.I knew pretty early on (like, before I was 9) that due to a number of physiological issues, Number 1 was never going to happen.  I had slightly more (but not much more) hope for Number 2.  That dream of being a dancer lasted a little longer, but had pretty much evaporated before I hit the teen years.The glassblowing dream, though, behaved i … [Read more...]

Rose-colored Glass, Cracked – Part 3

(If you haven't read the two posts leading up to this one, you can do so here and here.  If you don't feel like doing it, here's the summary:At the age of 42, I got ready to take a week-long intensive glassblowing class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center after having studied and loved glassblowing since I was 10.  It was going to involve 15-hour days and lots of learning, exhaustion and sweat.  The end.)My week in Pittsburgh at PGC was exactly what I'd expected.  Almost.When I say it was … [Read more...]

Rose-colored Glass, Part 2

I did not cry.  I only teared up once on the car ride...when "Our House" by CSNY came on the iPod, because it's what I sing Leo at bedtime and he loves it.  (Though it hurts my feelings, he likes the CSNY version better than mine.  Rotten kid.  What does HE know?)  Anyhow, it was a really nice ride to Pittsburgh - June, great weather, music, solitude, blah, blah, blah.I wrote about the 30+ years that led up to this June ride in my last post.  In case you haven't read it, or don't want to, her … [Read more...]

Rose-colored Glass

“This is gonna be so much FUN!!!  It’s gonna be like you’re going to COLLEGE again!” said my best friend.  “I KNOW!”  I said back.  “Except it’s gonna be 10 hours of class a day!”“Oooh, I reeeeaaalllly hope you do a blog post on this,” said my editor at Catonsville Patch.  “You KNOW I will!” I said, doing a happy dance in my head.“Better take that Ravens magnet off your car...” warned the more protective ones I told.  “As soon as I cross over the state line...” I laughed.That was back … [Read more...]