My parents are incredibly sentimental people. With two kids in their forties, though, they’ve had to make some tough decisions along the way about what they’d keep from our childhoods, and what they’d toss.You see, their sentimentality and love of mementos from our childhood comes into direct conflict with my mother’s (some would say “obsessive” - I WOULDN’T, mind you...but SOME would...) need to de-clutter. Since my parents now have five grandchildren, and are receiving even more adorabl … [Read more...]

Bully for You.

Certain names have been changed to protect - well, me, let's be honest - from lawsuits and beatdowns. We always walked home from school.  Always.  Rachel (my older sister by 2 years) and I walked home from our elementary school on East 17th Street in Brooklyn.  Unfortunately, we usually had company.For whatever reason, we were targets.  Maybe it was that we were brainy, teachers liked us, maybe we were socially awkward and weird, never caught the ball in dodgeball...whatever.  Always targ … [Read more...]