Not Smarter Than a Fourth-Grader

"Bradypus" by Stefan Laube (Tauchgurke) - Own work (Stefan Laube)Originally uploaded at 2004-10-02 02:26 by Tauchgurke (658235 Byte) (Dreizehenfaultier (Bradypus infuscatus), Gatunsee, Republik Panama). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

This morning on the way to school, my fourth-grader and I had the following conversation.Him:  Did you know sloths move so slowly that sometimes they mistake their arm for a branch, reach for it, and then fall to their deaths?Me:  Sloths have arms?Him:  Yeah!  Of course they do.Me:  Sloths don't have arms.Him:  (disbelievingly) Yes, Mom!  They have REALLY LONG ARMS!Me:  No, they don't.Him:  Yes, they do!Me:  They do not.Him:  (patiently) Mom.  I'm talking about … [Read more...]