Tweets This Week

For your reading pleasure this weekend:

 “What Happens to #Women Who Are Denied #Abortions?” @nytimes #TurnAways

“My #LifeIsForeverChanged because of one night, one decision and one monumental lack of understanding.”

“My brother did not deserve to die over an unpaid $12 movie ticket.” The #EthanSaylorStory @washingtonpost

#Childbearing decisions are not logical exercises in which we calculate pros and cons…” #Expectations

“To regain our lead in#EducationalAchievement, we’ll have to work from the bottom up.” @nytimes#Schooling #America

“A #symbol of access.”“The ‘#HandicapIcon’ Gets New Life” @CTmagazine #Perception

“Kids need to feel badly sometimes. Through#failure we learn how to cope.” #Parenting#ChildMentalHealth @PsychToday

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