Favorite Posts of 2013

Four of my favorite posts, written for PBS Parents, Chai Mamas, Huffington Post Parents, and the Atlantic, that I’ve written in 2013. [Read more…]

Who Can You Not See?

“But what I wish I had said, most of all, was, “Can you see my daughter?”” [Read more…]

What I’m Tweeting–Articles on Faith, Family, Disability and More

Faith: ow.ly/rv2h9 Making Jesus look good @kwpershey @ChristianCent#NadiaBolzWeber #BookReview #Pastrix Recommended site for #Advent: ow.ly/rv2OT#Christmas How much #money should we be #givingaway? nyti.ms/IWFoEQ @tarasbernard@nytimes #Donations #Charity What’s one subject you’d be willing to let go of for the sake of #church #unity?#BodyofChrist @kwpershey ow.ly/rCYOg Family: Is there ever a time when #abortion is medically necessary? ow.ly/rv4KS @nytimes#CatholicChurch #lawsuit Disability: Story behind the cell biologist who dis­covered “gene that turns off #chro­mo­some [Read More…]

What’s Up with the New York Times’ Ethicist Using the R-Word as an Insult? Or, Why the Intelligentsia Still Thinks It’s Okay to Make Fun of People with Intellectual Disabilities

What do writers for the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Time Magazine have in common? Thinking the r-word is a funny joke. [Read more…]

Man with Down Syndrome Completes NYC Marathon (and why this great news makes me sad)

Jimmy Jenson’s story inspires me. And it makes me very sad, because across the globe people believe that a life like his is not possible for their child. [Read more…]