What Does it Mean to Be Healthy? John Swinton on Down Syndrome, Shalom, and Medicine

Professor John Swinton “The most hedonistic, intellectually astute athlete can be ill and in need of healing (restoration to right relationship with God) and the most deeply impaired individuals can be healthy and indeed beautiful.” [Read more…]

My Suspicions About “Curing” Down Syndrome

Alison Piepmeier explains her suspicions about new research related to Down syndrome: “My description that I’m now trying to make into a catch phrase is that disability is an embraceable form of human diversity.”
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A New Story for Down Syndrome

“I wonder if there’s any hope of entering an age with a new story, a story that isn’t as dramatic as Heath White’s or Chloe Ashton’s, a story that doesn’t rely upon an entry point of grief, a story that doesn’t need the tension of transformation.” [Read more…]

Loving My Challenging Life with Down syndrome

“My name is Tryn Miller, and I would like to tell you about growing up with Down syndrome.” [Read more…]

Missing Adam: One Mother Reflects Upon Her Son with Down Syndrome

Stephanie Brock reflects on her son Adam and Down syndrome: “…we want to cure Down syndrome because it’s not self-imposed, and we chafe as humans against anything we didn’t decide or do for or to ourselves. We want to cure disability because it’s not the right kind of difference, or difficulty, or suffering.” [Read more…]