Thank you Patheos! (And Continuing the Conversation at Christianity Today)

Thin Places (my blog) is moving from Patheos to Christianity Today. Find out why, what to expect, and the Patheos women I most highly recommend reading. [Read more…]

My Questions About the Ethics of Embryo Selection

“…they run the risk of bearing children with a gene that will probably cause a slow and painful death, albeit a death many decades in the future. What should they do?” [Read more…]

Politics, Down Syndrome, and What I’m Reading

Articles worth reading about missionaries, money, embryo selection, and more… [Read more…]

Did I Come Home in a Box?

Happy Birthday Marilee, and thank you for the reminder that life is a gift. [Read more…]

Peeking Into the Womb

My new post for her.meneutics about the purpose of ultrasounds in the modern age. [Read more…]