Why Down Syndrome Matters to You

2013-06-12 17.38.49

What effect would a “cure” for Down syndrome have on our culture at large? What would it communicate about what and who we value? About what and who we are and want to be? [Read more...]

Small Acts of Gratuitous Love: Friendship House in Durham


“Our life together has already been filled with quite a bit of joyful gatherings: cookouts, magnet-making projects, cleaning alongside one another, playing card games, praying the Psalms, ping pong at Fullsteam, and most recently a baked ziti feast… It is becoming terribly clear that my flourishing is bound up in the flourishing of each of my fellow community members.” [Read more...]

Perfectly Human: This is What it Means to be Included by Tim Fall

inclusive playground

Can a courtroom give us a glimpse of heaven? Guest blogger Tim Fall thinks so…. [Read more...]

Perfectly Human: Gifts from a Declining Mind by David Hilfiker

photo by Nikki Kahn

How an Alzheimer’s diagnosis has brought great and unexpected joy. [Read more...]

Blessed Imperfection: A Girl Learns to Jump and Her Mother, To Take Her First Steps by Kristina Robb Dover

Sam, at age one, with her mother

“Catholic theologian Hans Urs Von Balthasar has said “perfection consists in fullness of [life’s] journey;” and for this reason, none of us must ever think we have “arrived.” Each day with Sam reminds me I have a long way to go in becoming who God wants me to be.” A guest post from Kristina Robb Dover [Read more...]