Merry Christmas!

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Why Aren’t Christians Flooding Yoga Retreat Centers?

I was a little weirded out by the buddhist figurines and the chanting and the incense. But by the end, I was convinced that Christians should be flooding yoga retreat centers… [Read more…]

Interrupting Vacation to tell you…

My first interview with Penny for Red Letter Christian and a shout out from Now, back to not blogging… [Read more…]

One Thing You Can Do About the Orphans in Russia

I wrote yesterday about the grave situation of orphans in Russia, particularly those with special needs. If you want to take action to petition President Putin and President Obama to work to ensure that orphans already in the adoption process can continue, please consider contacting your Senator and/or Representative by NOON tomorrow. Read this Action [Read More…]

Help! I’m Getting a New Website

It’s been a season of change. New house. New job for my husband. New schools for our kids. New friends. New computer. There’s a list of other things that need to become new—my driver’s license, for instance. We all need a new dentist. The car still needs a new not-rusty door. And I need a [Read More…]