A Good and Perfect Gift on Audible (and Other Fun News)

For those of you who prefer listening to books to reading them (or for your friends in this camp), you can now pre-order A Good and Perfect Gift as an Audiobook. It will be released next Tuesday. I haven’t heard the whole recording yet, but I listened to the sample and she did a good [Read More…]

The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Looking for an inexpensive but meaningful holiday gift? [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift, One Year Later . . . and the Next Book

…the most rewarding part of writing a book is the emails and letters and one-on-one conversations with individuals who have responded [Read more…]

On Love, Waiting for God, and What Makes Us Human

I hope that having Penny in my life has taught me first and foremost to see other people as gifts instead of products [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift for $2.99, and other book news

A Good and Perfect Gift has been selected by Amazon as one of 100 books offered for discount prices on Kindle during the month of June. It’s available this month for $2.99–please spread the word! (If you don’t have a Kindle or other e-reading device, or if you’re like me and still enjoy turning pages [Read More…]