Why Does Our Culture Celebrate Down Syndrome?

Why, at a time when more and more fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted, are we celebrating the lives of the children and adults growing up in our midst? [Read more…]

Where Abortion and Human Rights Meet: an interview with Bob Fu about China’s one-child policy

“Forced abortion means it is never a ‘choice’ for women in China,” says activist Bob Fu, author of God’s Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian’s Fight for Freedom in an interview about the government’s one-child policy. [Read more…]

A Portrait of Abortion

“From the woman who procured an illegal and unsafe abortion in the late 1960s to the more recent women who passed through protesters to assert their legal right to choose, these stories—the cover article of New York Magazine—provide a portrait of abortion in America.” [Read more…]

Bridging the Abortion Divide, in conversation with Ellen Painter Dollar

How can pro-life and pro-choice people talk to each other when our political and media representatives speak so the other side can’t listen? [Read more…]

You’re Pregnant. How Do You Decide About Prenatal Testing?

” I had treated the decision to accept prenatal genetic testing as an inconsequential matter that required minimal discomfort and no risk to my health. But I now realized that my initial decision could lead to a series of life-changing ethical, emotional, and spiritual choices that I wasn’t prepared to make.” [Read more…]