Happily Ever After, with Down Syndrome

A priest gives a woman who planned to abort her fetus with Down syndrome the option of adoption. Jezebel accuses him of coercion. But maybe this type of action is one way out of the politicized and polarized abortion wars. [Read more…]

Are Pro-Lifers Hypocrites When it Comes to Down Syndrome?

Are pro-lifers hypocrites when it comes to babies with Down syndrome? The Atlantic implies that they are, but I’m not convinced… [Read more…]

Legislation or Education? The Politics of Abortion and Prenatal Testing (and my interview with Time.com)

In an interview with Bonnie Rochman of TIME, I discuss the problems with outlawing selective abortion and the possibilities for educating doctors, women, and families about prenatal testing and disability. [Read more…]

Asking the Wrong Questions About Down Syndrome?

I wrote an article for the Atlantic about the history of prenatal testing and abortion and what that history means for us today. [Read more…]

How Prenatal Testing Helped my Family by Mona Patel

Mona Patel writes about how a prenatal diagnosis helped her diverse family (she is from India, her husband from the United States) prepare to welcome their youngest son, who has Down syndrome. [Read more…]