What We Think Today: Down Syndrome, Prenatal Testing, and the Questions We Face by George Estreich

George Estreich reflects upon two different Today Show stories: “In one, we’re supposed to feel good about the presence of Down syndrome; in another, about its absence. For me, the separation, the fact of two stories rather than one, is the heart of the problem.” [Read more…]

The Good Stories About Down Syndrome

A story of inclusion and friendship, and a website for parents of kids with special needs. [Read more…]

I Tested and I Terminated and I Do Not Regret by Anonymous

One mother’s story of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome that led her to choose termination. [Read more…]

Prenatal Testing and Abortion–Is it Possible to Be Biased but not Judgmental?

I released an ebook (What Every Woman Needs to Know About Prenatal Testing) two weeks ago about prenatal testing. It covers my own experience of prenatal testing as well as providing information for women who are trying to figure out their own approach to testing. It’s a combination of story, facts, and reflections that I [Read More…]

Doctors Need to Understand Their Patients When It Comes to Prenatal Testing by Nancy Iannone

When a patient says she doesn’t want to terminate her pregnancy, doctors need to stop offering termination. Nancy Iannone shares her story and advice for medical professionals. [Read more…]