Our Children, Collectively (a guest post by Jennifer Grant in honor of National Adoption Month)

“When we adopt a child, whether she was born in a land far away (as my daughter was) or in the next county, we are claiming responsibility for those who are smaller, more vulnerable, and who do not live within the loving care of a family.” [Read more…]

When Turning Four Means a Death Sentence: Russia, Adoption, and Down syndrome

Our friends are trying to adopt a boy with Down syndrome from Russia, but he may end up in an institution and doomed to an early death. Is there any hope? [Read more…]

Bus People, Flesh Colored Crayons, and Privilege: Some Thoughts on Race and Adoption (plus a book giveaway)

In commemoration on National Adoption Month, one mother reflects upon raising her daughter by adoption, who has brown skin, in the midst of a her siblings with white skin. [Read more…]

Open Adoption, or My Daughter has Two Mothers by Jenni Levy

My daughter has two mothers. My daughter also has two fathers, although only one is in her life. I didn’t know this at first. When Emma was placed with us at birth, I believed what I’d been told: that adoptive parents are the “real” parents. That love is enough. That as long as we didn’t [Read More…]

Adoption was the Choice I Made by Anonymous

The other day my son was looking through a box in the closet that had old photos in it. He would grab each photo and ask me if that was him or his sister. At the bottom of the box he found a framed photo of me holding a newborn baby in my arms. He asked the same [Read More…]