Are You Ready for Christmas? (And Why It’s Okay If You Aren’t)

“I’m not ready for Jesus to show up, and perhaps that’s exactly as it should be.” [Read more…]

Remembering Newtown and Singing Jingle Bells

The anniversary of the Newtown shooting will always coincide with Advent, with the mournful, expectant waiting for Jesus’ arrival. As it should be–a recognition of this in-between space, in which the glimmer of hope breaks into the darkness, and yet the darkness still sometimes seems to be ever-present. [Read more…]

The Goodness of Glitz at Christmastime

“Hey guys, what do you feel like when it is dark?” “I can’t see,” William said. “Frightened,” said Penny… [Read more…]

For Those Who Mourn This Christmas

I have had a number of people ask me how I respond to the Sandy Hook shootings from a theological perspective. I’ve written a few responses over the past week, and I suspect I will write more. There is a time for mourning, for silence, for crying out to God, for refusing to accept easy [Read More…]

Advent Reading

One big, and four small, suggestions for Advent reading. [Read more…]