Are Pro-Lifers Hypocrites When it Comes to Down Syndrome?

Are pro-lifers hypocrites when it comes to babies with Down syndrome? The Atlantic implies that they are, but I’m not convinced… [Read more…]

What do Down Syndrome, Abortion, and Baby Girls Have to do with One Another?

“Statistics also suggest that at least 50% of all fetuses with Down syndrome in the US are aborted. That rate becomes higher among women who have a prenatal diagnosis of DS (probably 70%) and higher still when talking about other Western nations (90%). So, while being born a girl in Asia is not exactly the same as being born with Down syndrome here, I wanted to suggest some parallels.” [Read more…]

The Love of Money: How Much is Enough?

In The Fortunate Ones (the Atlantic), Graeme Wood reports on a recent study that demonstrates how excessive amounts of wealth can’t buy happiness. They can’t even buy a sense of security. It’s hard to believe that the super-rich feel insecure in life and about money in general, but the comment that got me the most [Read More…]