How Do You Find a Boy With Autism Who is Lost in the Woods?

A friend passed along an amazing article about the search and rescue of Robert Wood Jr., a young boy with autism, who was lost in a Virginia park for five days last October: Catch Me If You Can. It’s an amazing story, but what struck me most of all was that the man who finally [Read More…]

Coming out of the Shadows of Autism through Poetry

An interview with Virginia Breen, author of I Am In Here, about autism, faith, and a daughter who finds her voice through poetry. [Read more…]

Perfectly Human: “The Look” by Karen Jackson

Long time readers of this blog may remember that I used to run a weekly guest post called “Perfectly Human.” The purpose of the posts was to offer first-hand experience of the common humanity of people with disabilities. I ran out of obvious contacts for a while, but recently a few people have offered their [Read More…]

A Smattering of Posts Worth Reading: Infertility, Weddings, and a Little Boy with Down Syndrome Who Died Last Week

A post by Joanna Goddard that describes the struggle of infertility: What if You Can’t Have a Baby? Especially if you are struggling with infertility or trying to understand a friend in this position, Goddard’s post might be a helpful guide. I resonated with these words as I think back to how I felt after [Read More…]

What I’m Reading: Recent Articles about Disability

A moving story from the LA Times of a South Korean pastor who cares for dozens of abandoned babies with disabilities: “South Korean Pastor Tends Unwanted Flock.” “New Study Implicates Environmental Factors in Autism,” from the New York Times. A new study of twins released online on Monday confirmed the significance of genes in causing [Read More…]