How My Children Have Helped Me Become Perfectly Human by Andi Sligh

“When I became a mom, I thought my job was to mold and shape my children into their best selves. To my surprise, my children have molded and shaped me.” Blogger Andi Sligh shares her journey as a mother to two children with special needs. [Read more…]

Perfectly Human: An Impossible Goal by Jessica Bigby

My friend Jessica Bigby has offered a Perfectly Human post before: “Walking Toward Freedom.” In it, she talks about what it meant–both physically and spiritually–to start learning to walk without her canes. Recently, I learned from Jess that after years of assuming that skiing was impossible for her, she decided to learn how. Not only [Read More…]

What I’m Reading: Articles on Atheists; CP, Comedy, and Oprah; and Teaching Kids to Play

My husband, a Christian, volunteered to be the faculty sponsor of the atheist club on his school campus. Although he believes that Christianity is true (not just true-for-me but true with a capital T), he also believes that everyone has the right to express ideas and to think through their implications. The atheist club didn’t [Read More…]