Thank you Patheos! (And Continuing the Conversation at Christianity Today)

Thin Places (my blog) is moving from Patheos to Christianity Today. Find out why, what to expect, and the Patheos women I most highly recommend reading. [Read more…]

Why I’m Grateful for Feminism

Blogger Samantha Field took me to task last week on “throwing feminism under the bus.” Here’s my response. [Read more…]

Do Your Kids Practice Yoga?

Should yoga be banned in public schools? I joined two other writers to try to answer this question for the September issue of Christianity Today: My children began to learn yoga through our local public preschool a few years ago. They came home eager to show me “butterfly,” “snake,” and “dog” poses. At the school’s [Read More…]

Finding Myself Among 50 “Women to Watch” in Christianity Today

Somehow I made Christianity Today’s list of 50 “women to watch.” [Read more…]

“A Perfect Child” Wins First Place…

“My Perfect Child,” an essay in Christianity Today about coming to understand Penny as a gift and her life as very similar to mine in both its brokenness and its perfection, won First Place in the Evangelical Press Association’s Higher Ground Awards for 2011. One paragraph from the essay that sums it up: Five years [Read More…]