How I Make Sense of My Life

How do you make sense of both pain and beauty? [Read more…]

Fanatics and Faithfulness

I had the chance to hear Tim Keller speak last weekend on “The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.” It was a great talk, in which he referenced theologian Lesslie Newbigen’s book by the same name. At the end of his talk, someone asked whether Christians must be fanatics. He replied by saying that the people [Read More…]

A Christian Response to Overpopulation

I have a new article on Christianity Today’s website, “A Christian Response to Overpopulation.” I’m particularly interested in your response to the readers’ comments. For instance, is any talk about overpopulation racist in nature? What responsibility do humans have in “controlling” childbirth and family size? How do we understand God’s care for the earth and [Read More…]

Losing My Religion?

I’m not really losing my religion. Just seemed like a catchy title. In fact, I’m in far greater danger of losing my faith than my religion. When I use the word “religion,” I mean the theology behind Christianity as well as the external cultural practices associated with it. Theologically, I’m more or less the same [Read More…]

Responding to bin Laden’s Death: Buddhists, Catholics, Evangelicals and More

There’s been a fair amount of reporting on the celebrations that followed immediately after news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, with people swarming Times Square and flocking to the White House to cheer and dance and start a party. But members of various religious communities have expressed concern over jubilation in the wake of any [Read More…]