Are You Ready for Christmas? (And Why It’s Okay If You Aren’t)

“I’m not ready for Jesus to show up, and perhaps that’s exactly as it should be.” [Read more…]

Help from the Elf

Why I oppose the elf on a shelf, and why I was grateful for him this week. [Read more…]

The Goodness of Glitz at Christmastime

“Hey guys, what do you feel like when it is dark?” “I can’t see,” William said. “Frightened,” said Penny… [Read more…]

For Those Who Mourn This Christmas

I have had a number of people ask me how I respond to the Sandy Hook shootings from a theological perspective. I’ve written a few responses over the past week, and I suspect I will write more. There is a time for mourning, for silence, for crying out to God, for refusing to accept easy [Read More…]

Joy All Year Long, and Even in the Midst of Sorrow

“…this year, of all years, I want to celebrate the birth of love within our broken world.” [Read more…]