Advent Reading

One big, and four small, suggestions for Advent reading. [Read more...]

The God Who Walks Through the Door


In my questions for God, I’m like my kids. Sometimes sincere in my doubts. Sometimes whiny, repetitive, insistent. Often not even asking God directly but allowing my doubts to protect me from talking to God, or listening to God, at all. [Read more...]

The Perfect Christmas Gift?


Looking for an inexpensive but meaningful holiday gift? [Read more...]

Following God Every Day

wttb lessons and carols

One of the wonders of the Christmas season is the opportunity to teach our kids the Christmas story. We’ve used a sticker-based Advent calendar this December, in which readings from the Bible correspond to a little poem and a sticker. Penny remembers the details from years past, but to William, it’s new–the shepherds, the wise [Read More...]

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for Jesus Is Born

Penny and William last Christmas

For a few years now, I’ve talked about “American Christmas” and “Christian Christmas,” and I’ve decided that as a family we observe both. For American Christmas we sing songs about Santa and decorate the living room. For Christian Christmas we have a Birthday Party for Jesus and a manger scene. But recently I’ve realized that [Read More...]