Happily Ever After, with Down Syndrome

A priest gives a woman who planned to abort her fetus with Down syndrome the option of adoption. Jezebel accuses him of coercion. But maybe this type of action is one way out of the politicized and polarized abortion wars. [Read more…]

Questions about Disabilities, Prenatal Testing, the Church, and More

An interview with Jonathan Merritt’s blog on Faith and Culture at Religion News Service. [Read more…]

Why We Go to Church

I was irritated with my kids all through church and the entranced by them later that afternoon at the beach. So which one was the more spiritual experience? [Read more…]

Giving My Kids a Safe Place to Fall

My goal is not to dictate what they believe or to think that if we do it right they will conform to our desires. I just want to lay out a net for them, in hopes that later in life, when they discover suffering or betrayal or heartache, they will have a safe place to fall. [Read more…]

The Difference Between Brokenness and Limitations

Brokenness and limitations are not the same thing. Brokenness, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, is not good. It comes as a result of sin in our world. As Jesus demonstrated throughout his ministry, God wants to heal broken bodies, broken minds, broken souls, and broken communities. God wants to heal our broken world. But limitations [Read More…]