Life with Down Syndrome in Zambia

An interview with a mother of a child with Down syndrome in Zambia in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. [Read more…]

Two-Headed Baby Born in Brazil (Guest Post by Margot Starbuck)

“Throughout the gospels, Jesus not only does not retreat from those his culture considered other, he beelines toward them!” Author Margot Starbuck challenges us to consider following Jesus by embracing the “other…” [Read more…]

Missing Out on Beautiful: A Reflection on Down Syndrome, Life, and Love

How can I put into words the beauty I see when I look at my daughter? [Read more…]

What Penny’s Birthday and Epiphany Taught Me About Who We All Are

I look forward to the mystery unfolding before me in each of my children [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift, Revisited

I have a new essay in the December issue of Christianity Today (and if you’re a subscriber, be sure to read it in the magazine because it includes two adorable photos of Penny that don’t appear online!) “My Perfect Child.” In my dad’s words, the article is a very abbreviated (he might have used the [Read More…]