A New Story for Down Syndrome

“I wonder if there’s any hope of entering an age with a new story, a story that isn’t as dramatic as Heath White’s or Chloe Ashton’s, a story that doesn’t rely upon an entry point of grief, a story that doesn’t need the tension of transformation.” [Read more…]

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact: Reflections on Flowers for Algernon and my Daughter

“Does anyone have the right to change who people are intrinsically, to change a person’s identity and identification? To think that a person’s intelligence defines who they are and how they contribute to their community?” Blogger and mother Gary Bender reflects. [Read more…]

The Damaging Language of “Cure” and Down Syndrome

Once again we’re hearing news of a breakthrough in research on drug therapies to enhance the cognitive processing of people with Down syndrome. And once again, the discussions seem to fixate on the controversial notion of a “cure.” Why do we keep having the same conversation? A guest post by Columbia Univsersity Professor and author of Raising Henry, Rachel Adams. [Read more…]

The Unfinished Child, a Story of Down Syndrome, Love, and Choice (and a Book Giveaway) Part Two

Part two of Theresa Shea’s interview about her new novel, The Unfinished Child. She talks about the parallels between parents of children with Down syndrome and typically-developing kids, the relationship between choice and selfishness, and why fictional accounts of prenatal testing experiences matter. [Read more…]

The Problems with Outlawing Selective Abortion

“Until we learn how to value every human being based upon their identity as children, neighbors, friends, and siblings, as ones who exist in reciprocal relationships of love and care with others, we will continue to devalue every human being.” [Read more…]