What I Will Teach My Children About Our President

My kids don’t know much about our president, and I’m glad they don’t have to. [Read more…]

Everything Our Politicians Need To Know They Should Have Learned in Kindergarten

When it comes to civil government and common courtesy, it’s not Obama or Romney who need reminders. The people who need a reminder of putting the common good ahead of self-preservation, a reminder of compromise, a reminder of telling the truth and sharing, are our representatives serving in Congress. [Read more…]

Are You Watching the Debates Tonight? Will They Talk About What Matters to You?

I don’t think much about tax policy, job creation, teachers unions, national defense, or public health. And I suspect that neither Romney nor Obama spends much time thinking about chores and report cards and rusty minivans. I certainly hope they don’t. [Read more…]

Where are the Moms in the White House?

Government policy alone will not change the number of mothers in the halls of power. But both parties have an opportunity to couple their rhetoric about moms with policy measures. [Read more…]

Soledad O’Brien, Parents Magazine, the Election, and What Education has to do with the American Dream

A few months ago, Parents Magazine and CNN hosted a joint luncheon with an array of moms in order to talk about the upcoming election. As a part of my new gig blogging about the election with parents.com, I had a chance to meet some awesome women and participate in a two-hour conversation with Soledad O’Brien as the moderator. The food was really good too. [Read more…]