My Questions About the Ethics of Embryo Selection

“…they run the risk of bearing children with a gene that will probably cause a slow and painful death, albeit a death many decades in the future. What should they do?” [Read more…]

Why Should You Care About Prenatal Testing?

What people are saying about my new ebook about prenatal testing, and why you should read it too. [Read more…]

Reproductive Choices in a Broken World: Reflections on Ellen Painter Dollar’s No Easy Choice

My friend and fellow Patheos blogger Ellen Painter Dollar has written a book about reproductive technology in the context of faith and contemporary culture. It’s called No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction, and today I have a review of the book on her.meneutics: Bearing Life [Read More…]

Why I Am Pro-Choice by Ellen Painter Dollar

I became interested in reproductive ethics for very personal reasons: Nine years ago, my husband and I underwent preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD, which is in vitro fertilization with genetic screening) to try to conceive a child who would not inherit my disabling bone disorder. In an e-mail discussion at the time with a theologian friend, [Read More…]

Why I Am Pro-Life by Karen Swallow Prior

I am a Christian. And I am pro-life. These two labels don’t always or necessarily go together. They certainly don’t always go together in practice: I know both pro-choice Christians and pro-life secularists.  And for many people, the labels don’t necessarily bond in theory since about the only tenet that seems to unite all Christians [Read More…]