His Face is Aglow with Hope: How the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Shaped Our Difficult Day

It is Sunday. Peter is away for the night. It has been a hard day. Marilee has a fever and an ear infection. William misses his dad and has erupted into tears more than once. Penny has been unable to control her impulses–she can’t get a door to close so she slams it again and [Read More…]

Praying With Penny

How my daughter with Down syndrome taught me to pray [Read more…]

The God Who Walks Through the Door

In my questions for God, I’m like my kids. Sometimes sincere in my doubts. Sometimes whiny, repetitive, insistent. Often not even asking God directly but allowing my doubts to protect me from talking to God, or listening to God, at all. [Read more…]

Faith, Grief, and Growing Up

Fellow Redbud writer Kelli Trujillo interviewed me for her blog this week, and in one question she asked: When you first stepped into the journey of having a newborn daughter with Down Syndrome, you write about how you were faced with the reality that your daughter may not ever meet some of the expectations or [Read More…]

Losing My Religion?

I’m not really losing my religion. Just seemed like a catchy title. In fact, I’m in far greater danger of losing my faith than my religion. When I use the word “religion,” I mean the theology behind Christianity as well as the external cultural practices associated with it. Theologically, I’m more or less the same [Read More…]