Isabel and Sam: Friends without Labels

A few weeks ago, I ran a series of posts about the possibilities for friendship for kids and adults with disabilities. I’ve written about Penny’s friendships, I shared a post from Ben Conner about friendship among adolescents, and an exchange between two adult women– Tryn Miller, who has Down syndrome, and her friend Anna Broadway. [Read More…]

An Unexpected Friendship by Anna Broadway

When the topic of friendship and people with disabilities came up in a discussion several weeks ago, I immediately thought of my friend Tryn, whom I have known since the winter of the Indonesian tsunami. Tryn and I met at the church of a mutual friend. Although I was visiting California from Brooklyn, my trip [Read More…]

Friendship: A Family that Cannot be Broken by Tryn Miller

In my years of growing up with a disability, it has been difficult to make friends because I looked different than normal people. I was always the one who people treated differently. It was very challenging to make friends. Once I got to know people who took the time to get to know me, friendship [Read More…]

Can Kids with Disabilities BE Friends? by Benjamin Conner

(This post is Part 2. Read Part 1: Can Kids with Disabilities HAVE friends?) Many academic journals and therapists suggest that since poor social functioning is the primary impediment to social connections for youth with developmental disabilities, then the youth with developmental disabilities should be trained in skills that will increase the possibility of social [Read More…]

Can Kids with Disabilities HAVE Friends? by Ben Conner

I usually visit Matt during his lunch break in a busy school cafeteria where he sits alone at one end of a long table, clusters of students buzzing with interaction and conversation surrounding him. When I see him at one of our ministry’s events or at his house he is confident, witty and at ease. [Read More…]