My Dreams for Penny, and Other Topics

Talking with George Estreich about family and education and what dreams we have for Penny and what dreams she has for herself. [Read more…]

Do Medical Textbooks Intentionally Offer Outdated Descriptions of Down Syndrome? and Other Questions for George Estreich

“Medicine is part of culture, and so culture, good and bad, is refracted through medicine.” George Estreich on medical ethics, culture, and inclusion, among other things. [Read more…]

Imagining Down Syndrome

The prospect of disability often cuts off the possibilities of imagining a good life, not necessarily because a good life is impossible, but because a good life with a disability is unknown. Two stories that help us imagine a good life with Down syndrome… [Read more…]

What the Marketing of Prenatal Tests Tells us About the Tests Themselves…

…the likely effect of tests likeMaterniT21 is to depopulate the Buddy Walks of the future. This isn’t a matter of evil, or prejudice; it’s just economics, and individual decisions adding up to social change. [Read more…]

One Change I Would Make to A Good and Perfect Gift (plus an interview and a giveaway)

Every perfectionist knows that perfection (by any measure) isn’t possible, but the pretense of it is. A child with Down syndrome can’t pretend to be perfect. Penny’s presence in my life knocked the perfectionism out of me, which was incredibly jarring at first, but also incredibly freeing over time. [Read more…]