Hooking Up, Feminism, and a Different Solution…

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Explaining Accidental Death

My thoughts and prayers surrounding every parent’s greatest fear… [Read more…]

Dads-in-Chief, or What I Like About Rick Santorum and President Obama

When Sarah Palin first accepted the vice presidential nomination in 2008, I thought I should be excited that a fellow mother of a child with Down syndrome might sit in the White House. But my response to her candidacy was mixed at best. Long before she became a polarizing figure on the national scene, I [Read More…]

What I’ve Learned from Penny: An Interview on Her.meneutics

My friend and colleague Karen Swallow Prior interviewed me about A Good and Perfect Gift for her.meneutics, the women’s blog of Christianity Today (Perfection Obsession: What It Looks Like to Accept God-Given Limitations). Among other things, our conversation touches upon comparisons, limitations, idolizing intelligence, and prenatal testing. The last question is my favorite, so I’ll [Read More…]

Down Syndrome: What Story Will you Tell?

I had this moment when we were on vacation in Virginia Beach. I was looking at Penny, and I wondered what other people thought when they saw her from a distance. I assume they saw a little girl playing in the sand with her family. And I assume if they got closer, they would see [Read More…]