Do You Want a Perfect Family?

As those of you who have read A Good and Perfect Gift know (and, I suspect, as those of you who read this blog regularly also know), I struggle with perfectionism. Having Penny, our six year old daughter with Down syndrome, in our lives, has offered us an opportunity to rethink perfection, among other things. [Read More…]

Rethinking Perfection

Last Thursday night, I was invited to share my thoughts on the meaning of perfection in our culture at the City Church Forum in Richmond, VA. I tried to address three questions: How does our culture understand perfection? How have I—and in turn, you—unintentionally or inadvertently appropriated that cultural understanding of perfection? And what would [Read More…]

What I Learned From Raising A Child With Down Syndrome (So Far) on

I have a new post on The Goody Blog for  Parents Magazine called “What I Learned from Raising a Child with Down syndrome.” It could also be called, “What I Learned from Raising a Child,” even if the “lessons” have been more pronounced due to Penny’s extra chromosome. That’s one of the remarkable things about [Read More…]

Writing About our Not-so-Perfect Family

I received a very kind comment over the weekend. In response to my recent post, “Penny’s First Day of Kindergarten,” she wrote, Wow, did she really tell you all about the funny man up on the stage? What did she say? Do people understand her when she speaks and does she really speak that clearly? [Read More…]