The Ethics of Reproductive Choices: An Interview with Ellen Painter Dollar

This morning, I linked to my post for her.meneutics in which I reviewed Ellen Painter Dollar’s No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction. As a follow up to that review, I asked Ellen to reflect upon some of the questions her book raised for me: As [Read More…]

Judgments and Stories, Narrative Ethics and IVF

I wrote last week about a disturbing article in The New York Times Magazine that related stories of women who chose to “reduce” their pregnancies from twins to singletons. From my vantage point, the article raises two sets of ethical questions–one surrounding the ethics of abortion and so-called pregnancy reduction (not exactly an abortion since [Read More…]

Abortion, Ethics, IVF, and Twins Who Never Were

I hope to take the time to write more about this in the next few days, but for now I simply want to draw your attention to an article from the New York Times magazine about “pregnancy reductions.” The article (The Two Minus One Pregnancy) describes the increasingly popular decision to “reduce” an unexpected pregnancy [Read More…]

Healthy and Happy Trumps Everything Else?

I’ve written before about the ethical concerns raised by in vitro fertilization, and I continue to wonder how we as individuals can make choices that keep in mind the good of the community and not only our individual gain. As I wrote in October, after Robert Edwards won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work [Read More…]