Perfectly Human: This is What it Means to be Included by Tim Fall

inclusive playground

Can a courtroom give us a glimpse of heaven? Guest blogger Tim Fall thinks so…. [Read more...]

What a New Guinness Ad Has to Do with My Son and the Word Include


William asked me what it meant to include his friend. Sometimes I’m not so sure we understand it, even as adults. But here’s one picture of true inclusion. [Read more...]

A Trip to the Zoo, or Why Inclusion Matters


We went to the zoo. It was a simple, lovely day (only made possible by Penny’s inclusion in a regular first grade classroom). [Read more...]

Do Medical Textbooks Intentionally Offer Outdated Descriptions of Down Syndrome? and Other Questions for George Estreich

“Medicine is part of culture, and so culture, good and bad, is refracted through medicine.” George Estreich on medical ethics, culture, and inclusion, among other things. [Read more...]

How Much Does God Love You?

Photo taken by Paloma Torres

Last fall, my I wrote about my fears about moving. Yesterday, I learned how those fears had been answered. [Read more...]