How Much Does God Love You?

Photo taken by Paloma Torres

Last fall, my I wrote about my fears about moving. Yesterday, I learned how those fears had been answered. [Read more...]

Making Friends, or Inclusion in School

Penny swinging with Anna

Penny had a playdate yesterday. Her second of the year, actually. Long term readers of this blog know that playdates have not always been easy in our household. I used to invite other kids over only to find Penny by herself, or, more likely, in the lap of the other kids’ mom. And the other [Read More...]

Measuring a Life, or Kindergarten Update


I was having dinner with friends a few weeks back. They have an adult daughter with autism, and their daughter has also been diagnosed with a rare syndrome. My friend described her conversation with a new social worker: “So the social worker asked the name of K’s syndrome. I told her what it was, but [Read More...]

Penny Goes to Kindergarten, Three Weeks In . . .

Being silly on the first day of school

Penny woke up every morning the first week of kindergarten and looked at me eagerly, “I get to go to kindergarten again?” Her tone held a mixture of incredulity and delight. We’ve settled into a morning routine–pack lunch and a snack, make breakfast, get dressed. She and William strap their backpacks on and we walk [Read More...]