How Much Does God Love You?

Last fall, my I wrote about my fears about moving. Yesterday, I learned how those fears had been answered. [Read more…]

Making Friends, or Inclusion in School

Penny had a playdate yesterday. Her second of the year, actually. Long term readers of this blog know that playdates have not always been easy in our household. I used to invite other kids over only to find Penny by herself, or, more likely, in the lap of the other kids’ mom. And the other [Read More…]

Measuring a Life, or Kindergarten Update

I was having dinner with friends a few weeks back. They have an adult daughter with autism, and their daughter has also been diagnosed with a rare syndrome. My friend described her conversation with a new social worker: “So the social worker asked the name of K’s syndrome. I told her what it was, but [Read More…]

Penny Goes to Kindergarten, Three Weeks In . . .

Penny woke up every morning the first week of kindergarten and looked at me eagerly, “I get to go to kindergarten again?” Her tone held a mixture of incredulity and delight. We’ve settled into a morning routine–pack lunch and a snack, make breakfast, get dressed. She and William strap their backpacks on and we walk [Read More…]