A Smattering of Posts Worth Reading: Infertility, Weddings, and a Little Boy with Down Syndrome Who Died Last Week

A post by Joanna Goddard that describes the struggle of infertility: What if You Can’t Have a Baby? Especially if you are struggling with infertility or trying to understand a friend in this position, Goddard’s post might be a helpful guide. I resonated with these words as I think back to how I felt after [Read More…]

Infertility and Suffering

My friend Ellen Painter Dollar has a guest post on her blog, Choices that Matter: “Beating on the Chest of God: Christian Responses to Infertility and Suffering.” It’s a poignant and helpful reflection upon what not to say to someone who is dealing with the pain of infertility in particular, and even more so an [Read More…]