Our Children, Collectively (a guest post by Jennifer Grant in honor of National Adoption Month)

“When we adopt a child, whether she was born in a land far away (as my daughter was) or in the next county, we are claiming responsibility for those who are smaller, more vulnerable, and who do not live within the loving care of a family.” [Read more…]

Bus People, Flesh Colored Crayons, and Privilege: Some Thoughts on Race and Adoption (plus a book giveaway)

In commemoration on National Adoption Month, one mother reflects upon raising her daughter by adoption, who has brown skin, in the midst of a her siblings with white skin. [Read more…]

Isabel and Sam: Friends without Labels

A few weeks ago, I ran a series of posts about the possibilities for friendship for kids and adults with disabilities. I’ve written about Penny’s friendships, I shared a post from Ben Conner about friendship among adolescents, and an exchange between two adult women– Tryn Miller, who has Down syndrome, and her friend Anna Broadway. [Read More…]

Interview with Jennifer Grant: When God Told Us to Adopt

Earlier today, I ran a guest post from Jennifer Grant. I also had the opportunity to interview Jennifer after reading her new book, Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter. How did you and your husband decide you wanted to adopt? In Love You More, I wrote: “. . . the idea [Read More…]

Who Are My Children? (Plus a Book Giveaway)

As I explained yesterday, all the posts this week will center around the theme of adoption. Today we hear from Jennifer Grant, author of the new memoir, Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter. (For those of you who are interested in reading Jenn’s book, leave a comment on this post and [Read More…]