Reading Our Humanity: Karen Swallow Prior Responds

Karen Swallow Prior responds to my concerns about her essay for The Atlantic regarding reading, intelligence, and what makes us human. [Read more…]

Reading Our Humanity: Some Thoughts on Intelligence, Disability, and What Makes Us Human

Does reading enhance our humanity? Why I agree, and why the idea concerns me… [Read more…]

The Book I’m Giving Away This Christmas (an excerpt from Karen Swallow Prior’s Booked)

An excerpt (and book giveaway) with thoughts on disability, poetry, and faith from Karen Swallow Prior’s gorgeous new memoir, Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me. [Read more…]

Questions for Karen Swallow Prior on Being Pro-Life

Two weeks ago, I posted two essays about abortion. In the first one, Karen Swallow Prior articulated “Why I Am Pro-Life.” In the second, Ellen Painter Dollar wrote “Why I Am Pro-Choice.” Both of these women are friends and colleagues, and I am very grateful to them and to those of you who read this [Read More…]

Why I Am Pro-Life by Karen Swallow Prior

I am a Christian. And I am pro-life. These two labels don’t always or necessarily go together. They certainly don’t always go together in practice: I know both pro-choice Christians and pro-life secularists.  And for many people, the labels don’t necessarily bond in theory since about the only tenet that seems to unite all Christians [Read More…]