On Mother’s Day, What I Admire About My Children

I often bemoan the countless hours I’ve given to my children. This Mother’s Day, I’m trying instead to recognize what they have given me. [Read more…]

Things I Love About Being a Mother

This post started out with a different title: “Things I Love, Hate, and Wish I Loved About Being a Mother.” And then I thought, well, I don’t allow my kids to use the word hate, so I’ll modify that to say “things I really don’t like” about being a mother. And then I started writing, [Read More…]

Perfectly Human: A Little Extra (and Mother’s day is coming up…)

Mother’s Day is coming up. And a friend recently suggested I offer a shameless plug for A Good and Perfect Gift as a perfect (pun somewhat intended) Mother’s Day gift. I do hope you’ll consider buying it for your mother, or for your friends who are mothers, or for your friends who one day hope [Read More…]