7 Thoughts on How to Survive Another Snow Day (and maybe even enjoy it)

1. If even a hint of snow is expected, turn off the ringer on your phone the night before. You do not need to know at 5:02 a.m. that your children will be home all day. You need to keep sleeping. They need to keep sleeping. 2. When you wake up and discover that although [Read More…]

Peeking Into the Womb

My new post for her.meneutics about the purpose of ultrasounds in the modern age. [Read more…]

Our Children, Collectively (a guest post by Jennifer Grant in honor of National Adoption Month)

“When we adopt a child, whether she was born in a land far away (as my daughter was) or in the next county, we are claiming responsibility for those who are smaller, more vulnerable, and who do not live within the loving care of a family.” [Read more…]

Announcing Small Talk (or, I Get to Write Another Book!)

Small Talk (to be published by Zondervan next summer) is a parenting memoir about the “big questions” children ask, the thoughts they provoke, and the laughter, investigation, and soul-searching that follow, for parent and child alike. [Read more…]

Some Thoughts on Trying to Become a Super-Mom

“It feels very strange, to be this mom who thinks ahead and offers relatively healthy eating options and models moderately healthy holistic habits of spirituality and physical activity and rest. Um, do you hate me yet? Because a year ago, I would have hated me.” [Read more…]