What I Will Teach My Children About Our President

My kids don’t know much about our president, and I’m glad they don’t have to. [Read more…]

Are You Watching the Debates Tonight? Will They Talk About What Matters to You?

I don’t think much about tax policy, job creation, teachers unions, national defense, or public health. And I suspect that neither Romney nor Obama spends much time thinking about chores and report cards and rusty minivans. I certainly hope they don’t. [Read more…]

Where are the Moms in the White House?

Government policy alone will not change the number of mothers in the halls of power. But both parties have an opportunity to couple their rhetoric about moms with policy measures. [Read more…]

Abortion and the Election

Obama or Romney could employ a practical approach to abortion reduction as a way to attract swing voters, so why is it a taboo topic?
[Read more…]

What Summer Camp has to do with Taxes

This simple experience of play and learning and exploring and resting seems to me like a quintessential American summertime, and yet I was reminded recently that my children’s summer is a mark of privilege. [Read more…]