Why Does Our Culture Celebrate Down Syndrome?

Why, at a time when more and more fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted, are we celebrating the lives of the children and adults growing up in our midst? [Read more…]

You’re Pregnant. How Do You Decide About Prenatal Testing?

” I had treated the decision to accept prenatal genetic testing as an inconsequential matter that required minimal discomfort and no risk to my health. But I now realized that my initial decision could lead to a series of life-changing ethical, emotional, and spiritual choices that I wasn’t prepared to make.” [Read more…]

Happily Ever After, with Down Syndrome

A priest gives a woman who planned to abort her fetus with Down syndrome the option of adoption. Jezebel accuses him of coercion. But maybe this type of action is one way out of the politicized and polarized abortion wars. [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift on Audible (and Other Fun News)

For those of you who prefer listening to books to reading them (or for your friends in this camp), you can now pre-order A Good and Perfect Gift as an Audiobook. It will be released next Tuesday. I haven’t heard the whole recording yet, but I listened to the sample and she did a good [Read More…]

What Prenatal Testing Has to Do with the Church (and Other Religious Communities)

“Even though I was an active member of our local church, it hadn’t crossed my mind to discuss the prospect of testing with anyone there. I saw prenatal testing as a routine medical aspect of pregnancy rather than a series of decisions that require wisdom and humility and bring up questions about suffering and goodness and meaning.” [Read more…]