Bridging the Abortion Divide, in conversation with Ellen Painter Dollar

How can pro-life and pro-choice people talk to each other when our political and media representatives speak so the other side can’t listen? [Read more…]

Concluding the Abortion Debate–Did You Change Your Mind?

A few final words, in the wake of the essays and discussion surrounding Christians who are pro-life and pro-choice, respectively. First of all, a big thank you to Karen and Ellen for the time and effort you both put into writing these pieces, engaging comments, and then following up with further answers to my questions. [Read More…]

Questions for Ellen Painter Dollar on Being Pro-Choice Part Two

What restrictions would you put on reproductive choice? Fervent pro-choice advocates face a dilemma as reproductive technologies such as prenatal diagnosis, IVF, PGD, and surrogacy become more sophisticated and ubiquitous. The ability of parents to select the gender of their children, via either preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select embryos of the desired gender for transfer, [Read More…]

Questions for Ellen Painter Dollar on Being Pro-Choice Part One

We have three more posts related to abortion–Ellen Painter Dollar’s answers to my questions, which will appear here this morning and this afternoon (and, in longer form, on Ellen’s blog Choices That Matter). And then tomorrow morning I will post a summary of what I’ve learned from this exchange. For now, my question for Ellen: [Read More…]

Questions for Karen Swallow Prior on Being Pro-Life

Two weeks ago, I posted two essays about abortion. In the first one, Karen Swallow Prior articulated “Why I Am Pro-Life.” In the second, Ellen Painter Dollar wrote “Why I Am Pro-Choice.” Both of these women are friends and colleagues, and I am very grateful to them and to those of you who read this [Read More…]