Ann Coulter, the R-word, and John Franklin Stephens’ Wise Response

Last week Ann Coulter called President Obama a retard. John Franklin Stephens, a 30-year old with Down syndrome, responded with grace and truth. [Read more…]

The Intelligentsia and the R-Word

Why does the New York Times think it’s okay to use the r-word? [Read more…]

The R-Word and the Courage to Say I’m Sorry

Penny had surgery a few weeks back. It all went well. But in the recovery room, as Penny slept, with her hair matted to her head, an IV dripping fluid into her arm, her nurse started telling us about how the doctors often give different instructions to parents than they do to the nurses. “So [Read More…]

What Jeremy Lin has to do with Down syndrome (and a few other things to think about)

Jeremy Lin has overturned assumptions about the ability of Asian Americans to play basketball. So has David Andrews, a teenager with Down syndrome who contributed (with a 40% 3-point throw percentage) to his team’s district championship this year. To see him in action, click here. And while we’re at it, a few other articles I [Read More…]