A Good and Perfect Gift for $2.99, and other book news

A Good and Perfect Gift has been selected by Amazon as one of 100 books offered for discount prices on Kindle during the month of June. It’s available this month for $2.99–please spread the word! (If you don’t have a Kindle or other e-reading device, or if you’re like me and still enjoy turning pages [Read More…]

George Will’s Son, Rick Santorum’s Daughter, and Penny

I just realized that I forgot to tell you all that Quin Hillyer reviewed A Good and Perfect Gift in the American Spectator a few weeks ago. I remembered because he blogged about it again last week, in response to George Will’s column about his son Jon, who has Down syndrome and just celebrated his [Read More…]

How to Make Your Book a Best Seller…

Okay, it’s a deceptive blog title. I have no idea how to make my book a best seller, and even if I had the time to try, I’m not sure I’d be willing to devote the energy. But I do know that two major factors in whether or not books continue to sell are 1) [Read More…]

More Reviews of A Good and Perfect Gift

A friend remarked a number of years ago that writing a memoir has three stages–living the story, writing the story, and then sending the story out into the world. Each part contains its own risks, of course, but I’m feeling the vulnerability of part three these days. I want to defend myself against critics, even [Read More…]

What People Are Saying About A Good and Perfect Gift

I thought you might be interested in a few reviews of A Good and Perfect Gift that came in over the course of the past few days: First, from the Oregonian, a review by Amy Wang. She writes: “A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny,” Amy Julia Becker’s new [Read More…]