Sin, Sickness, and Sandy Hook

The gospel offers a nuanced perspective on how we might explain Adam Lanza’s actions. [Read more…]

The Difference Between Brokenness and Limitations

Brokenness and limitations are not the same thing. Brokenness, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, is not good. It comes as a result of sin in our world. As Jesus demonstrated throughout his ministry, God wants to heal broken bodies, broken minds, broken souls, and broken communities. God wants to heal our broken world. But limitations [Read More…]

Who Are the Sinners Today?

“An ‘innocent’ Jesus does not overpower sin. A righteous Jesus does. The world needs less innocence and more righteousness.” –Greg Carey, Sinners In this week’s New York Times Magazine, Benoit Denizet-Louis profiles a place called St. Anthony’s House, where alcoholics can go and keep drinking. They receive three meals a day, a small amount of [Read More…]

Lenten Reflections: Trying to Explain the Cross

For most of my adult Christian life, I’ve been trying to understand what happened on the cross. I used to give the stock Christian answer: “Jesus died on the cross for my sins.” I still think that statement is true, but I’ve become less and less clear on exactly what it means. First there’s the [Read More…]