Life with Down Syndrome in Zambia

An interview with a mother of a child with Down syndrome in Zambia in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. [Read more…]

Investing in Hope

When Penny was born and we found out that she had Down syndrome, one of my earliest emotions was fear. In time, some of my specific fears abated. She didn’t have any serious health problems or physical complications as an infant. We lived in New Jersey with easy access to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s [Read More…]

Remembering St. Nick

Penny has had an aversion to, and fascination with, Santa Claus for years now. Four years, to be precise. It began with shyness, almost as if she were a baby again, cuddling against my chest. Then screams of terror. Last year, with her dad in the Santa suit, sobs. (I tried to tell her that [Read More…]

Between Cross and Resurrection: Life and Death and Hope

I wrote a few weeks back about a little boy from Zambia who died wearing William’s clothes. His name was Francis. Our friends Holly and Eric Nelson, founders of the Special Hope Network, cared for him. They recently wrote to say that another little boy, Gabriel (who has been featured in a Perfeclty Human post [Read More…]

In Memory of Francis or Outgrowing Their Clothes

A little boy died on Monday. His name was Francis, and he had Down syndrome. When he died he was wearing a blue onesie that once belonged to William. Last week I spent some time going through Penny’s old clothes to see what would fit Marilee. I found myself in tears as each item provoked [Read More…]